Merlin - Arthurs Revenge DM7000
Merlin - Arthurs Revenge gibt es für DM 7020 / 7000 / 600 / 500 / 500+

* Enigma vom: 14.02.2008
* Merlin CVS vom 16.02.2008
* Web Interface: 6.0.4-Expert
* Busybox 1.01

All Merlin Features written by Merlin-Project-Team

Für Fragen, Ideen oder Sonstiges geben wir gerne im Forum support.


*Merlin Panel mit folgenden Einstellmöglichkeiten:
+Timer Überlappung
+Merlin Private EPG (richtiger EPG für Premiere Direkt Sender) record
+Path funktion (Beim aufnehmen kann man direkt in ein Unterverzeichnis
+aufnehmen) Automount FastSkip (Um im Videomodus mit den Zahlentasten
+der Fernbedienung Spulen zu können.) OSD Display-Timer-Event Setup (Vor
+dem Start eines Timers wird der Start auf dem OSD angekündigt)
+Automount im ROOT Verzeichnis anzeigen Disk Space Info im Infobar Disk
+Space in der Timerliste Disk Free Anzeige Softmute (erweiterte
+Lautstärkereglung) Spielzeitanzeige (DVR-Modus) Sortierreihenfolge (für
+den Dateimodus) Picon Support Timer Offset (Vorlauf-, Nachlaufzeit) Zap
+to First Bouquet (nach aufwachen aus dem Standby wird auf dem ersten
+Sender im Bouquet gewechselt) Delete Current Playlist (Wiedergabeliste
+wird bei Standby gelöscht) Zap OSD (Nur Sendername wird angezeigt)

*Partnerbox Funktion
*Recover Movies (die recordings.epl neu aufbauen) *Swap Manager *Addonmanager (mit eigenem Addonserver) *HDD Manager *Backup/Restore funkton *EPG Suche *Infobar verschieben *Neues Verhalten wenn ein Skin nicht funktioniert (Image muss nicht mehr neu geflasht werden, vorher aktiver Skin wird automatisch geladen)


Nähere Beschreibung zu den einzelnen Features findet Ihr unter:

Viel Spass mit Merlin - Arthurs Revenge!

Euer Team!
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BACKUP Geornck-Merlin-Arthurs-Revenge.

DM7000 für USB;HDD..Camd3-899/Scam 3.26/Evocamd 2.17 fix2 & NewCS 1.50/Mgcamd 1.29a & NewCS 1.50/CCcam 2.0.8..

Tpz au_Abst Tested
Pols...ok Tested
FreexDT ok
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Merlin - Wizard of Dream DM 7000

Merlin - Wizard of Dream DM 7000


* Merlin panel with the following options:
Overlapping timer
Merlin Private EPG (EPG real premiere for direct channels)
Record Path function (when you can record directly into any directory)
FastSkip (To get in the video mode using the number keys on the remote coils can.)
OSD Display Timer Event Setup (Before you start a timer will start on the OSD announced)
Automount in ROOT directory
Disk Space Info in infobar
Disk space in the timer list
Disk Free Ad
Softmute (enhanced Mixer)
Playing screen (DVR mode)
Sorted (for the file mode)
Picon Support
Timer offset (lead, follow-up time)
Delete Current Playlist (playlist is in standby deleted)
Zap OSD (Only Name is displayed)

* Partnerbox function (for E1 and E2 boxes), up to 4 boxes are controllable
* Recover Movies (recordings.epl the newly build multiple directories simultaneously -> Selectable)
* Swap Manager
* Addon Manager (with its own addon server)
* HDD Manager
* Backup / Restore Funkton
* Search EPGs
* Infobar move
* New behavior when a skin does not work (image no longer needs to be re-flashed, previously active skin is automatically loaded)
* Avalon Skin by Vali

* Var Move Manager
* EPG direct and sports data in the Web interface, programming of sub-channels in the Web interface or possible Partnerbox
* Default action adjustable timer
* Auto Resume Movie (position of the film is saved and can you rerun directly there are Factory)
* Slotmanager
* Language Audio Manager
* RCKey Manager (allocation of plug-ins to the colored buttons FB)
* EPGSmarttimer (auto timer) option on keywords automatically in the event timer list or a graphical display in the OSD when found events) including EPGUpdater
* When switching the EPG transmitting information on the OSD displayed immediately without delay
* Dreambox during a recording in standby mode to be
* Option for simultaneous use of multiple recordings.epl Dream Boxes
* Partnerbox with 4 boxes profiles adjustable (E1 and E2), recording data are stored in EPG list with different colors marked possibly, all without blocking in a process that runs in the background ...
* New handling for overlapping timer: It is detected when overlapping timer himself at the transmitter are located. It will then automatically start-apocalyptic adapted (with a timer offset light) ...
* Skip-WindowMaker individually adjustable
* Userdefinierte functions for yellow / red button on the FB
* MP3 display in Filemodus selectablly (filename, title, title - Artists)
* Possibility of permanent display of film and film show exact position in minutes / seconds units
* Radio mode with plasma TV Protection
* NFS servers and optional integrated bootable

and much more ... big grin


A special thanks to stibbich for his numerous translations and our VIP's (Tissa and stibbich special thanks!) For the diligent testing and suggestions for improvement of our snapshots ...

Have fun with Merlin - Wizard of Dream your team!​


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Merlin Wizard of Dream - Snapshot 11.01.2009

Merlin Wizard of Dream - Snapshot 11.01.2009

Snapshot-Images sind ungetestete Images auf dem aktuellen Stand des Source-Codes.


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ein testimage, gebaut nach newmake mit den tuxbox-cvs sourcen 
vom 02.09.2010 und letzten e1 merlin-sourcen...
im image (u.a.) enthalten: shellexec, input, sysinfo...
bitte testen, ich kann es nicht mangels hardware.

a test image resources, built after the newmake tuxbox-cvs
merlin on 09/02/2010 and last-e1 resources ...
in image (and others) included: shellexec, inputs, sysinfo ...
please test, I can not for lack of hardware.

Download image beta for DM 7000

THX bosmann