look at source code of ARION

Arion Programer

there are many functions you can do

you can display "ArIoN ProGramEr" at the start Of Operating System On The 7-Segment LED's by this Function:

static void init_led_display_New(void)
    static int Count = 0;
    int delay = 40;

    //display ArIoN ProGramEr On Four 7-Segment Led Digits....
    if (false)   segment_led_set_data("ArIoN ProGramEr");
    #if defined _SEGMENT_LED_TEST
    if(bTmode) return;

         if (Count >= 0*delay && Count < 1*delay)   segment_led_set_data("   A");
    else if (Count >= 1*delay && Count < 2*delay)   segment_led_set_data("  Ar");
    else if (Count >= 2*delay && Count < 3*delay)   segment_led_set_data(" ArI");
    else if (Count >= 3*delay && Count < 4*delay)   segment_led_set_data("ArIo");
    else if (Count >= 4*delay && Count < 5*delay)   segment_led_set_data("rIoN");
    else if (Count >= 5*delay && Count < 6*delay)   segment_led_set_data("IoN ");
    else if (Count >= 6*delay && Count < 7*delay)   segment_led_set_data("oN P");
    else if (Count >= 7*delay && Count < 8*delay)   segment_led_set_data("N Pr");
    else if (Count >= 8*delay && Count < 9*delay)   segment_led_set_data(" Pro");
    else if (Count >= 9*delay && Count < 10*delay)  segment_led_set_data("ProG");
    else if (Count >= 10*delay && Count < 11*delay) segment_led_set_data("roGr");
    else if (Count >= 11*delay && Count < 12*delay) segment_led_set_data("oGra");
    else if (Count >= 12*delay && Count < 13*delay) segment_led_set_data("Gram");
    else if (Count >= 13*delay && Count < 14*delay) segment_led_set_data("ramE");
    else if (Count >= 14*delay && Count < 15*delay) segment_led_set_data("amEr");
    else if (Count >= 15*delay && Count < 16*delay) segment_led_set_data("mEr ");
    else if (Count >= 16*delay && Count < 17*delay) segment_led_set_data("Er  ");
    else if (Count >= 17*delay && Count < 18*delay) segment_led_set_data("r   ");

    if (Count == 18*delay) Count = 0;
    else Count++;

Arion Programer

Graphic Of ARION GP1.3 has 174 256-Bitmap Icons All make 703 K.B Before Compressing (In Ram) But It is compressed By LZW Method And Become 104 K.B (Exist In Firmware)....

This Method Of Compression Is Bad And I included lh5 Method In my source code it is compresses the 703 k.B To 72 k.b...

Arion Programer

I included mp3 sound played at the start...

you dont need to add Extra source code... you only need to include the mp3 sound in the source code by the same way that is already included!!

The sound that is played With The Channel Scan Is MP3 Sound!!

Arion Programer

is there any solution for powervu?

just now, ... yes, because i have my own PowerVu Emulator on Pc and i can insert it into the source code

but if the receiver it(some thing like PMT or channel scrambler) self support 0x0E00, if yes i can do it,...

But, is there are any channels of(PowerVu Sys) in SD ??
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