Leo Burnett unveils first animation and social TV for Spain's Christmas Lottery ad


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Advertising agency Leo Burnett has worked with Spain's Blur, the UK's Passion Pictures and the US's Against All Odds to produce the first animation piece for Spain's Christmas Lottery, El Gordo de Navidad, advert.

The TV ad, which is one of the year's most-awaited pieces and has been a must-see in Spain for years, will also include a strong social TV campaign, with the ad's characters posting on their own Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The short animation piece is part of the advertising campaign, which has been designed by Leo Burnett for the second year in a row.

The advertising agency has partnered with Blur Productions for the audiovisual side of the campaign, and the Spanish house has tapped Passion Pictures and Against All Odds for the project.

The campaign has its own independent website with extra content, such as the making of and a pictures section.