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Latest Driver for DM820


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New update 03-02-2017
update dm820 hardware drivers:
- improved IPTV compatibility (audio/video stuttering)
- fixed crash when no more free demux pid filters
- allow to change size of hdmi-rx monitoring window (dm7080, dm820)
- some audio output format improvements (e.g. fixed DDP aka AC3+ passthrough)
- dual tuner support changes
- fixed AAC audio problems on live sat transmissions (dm52x)


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New update: 04-02-2017

update dreambox hardware drivers for dm820
- fixed a audio playback/iptv bug introduced in 20170203 drivers


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New update: 24-03-2017

update dreambox dm820 hardware drivers:

- fixed a cec logical address negotitation bug
- fixed audio decoder log spam
- fixed possible audio asynchronicy after ts playback
- improved robustness against wrong decoder usage from userspace
- use ion interface for accel memory allocation
- switched to a more direct framebuffer handling
- the blit ioctl is a nop now
- 3D OSD handling must be done in userspace now
- allow to set empty rc masks to disable twirp and/or nec support
- improved vtuner compatibility with some vtuner clients
- use delayed pip window destruction to avoid flickering in virtual zap plugin
- add support for si2166dx dual tuner
- add support for si2169 based combo tuner
- add advanced video encoder settings
b-frame, p-frame, gop-length, num-slices, more framerates, h264 level,
h264 profile, open gop
- si2166/si2169
- removed long gap after diseqc message to improve unicable compatibility
- fixed dynamic/static current limiting