Irdeto in safe mode


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Skylink has a problem with encoding.Irdeto in safe mode

Satellite operator Skylink resolves failure of coding system, which uses. The problems are so serious that the system had to switch to the so-called emergency mode.
'on the basis of the information currently in the technical department, we have the problem of running Cryptoworks (Skylink), Cryptoworks and Irdeto Cryptoworks and fashionable ICE cards,' informed the Skylink in the report for sellers.
Cards, which were registered before 15 June should not have a problem. Vendors may have a problem with the registration of new cards, changing and activating the service and reautorizáciou cards. Failure may also occur on the tabs with the GloFree, on which all programs are activated for a period of 20 days.
Skylink is trying to solve the problem and to the removal of the faults of the people currently work from the partner company E4CG. Delete failure takes place even today.
'with works such as the new installation, registration, subscription or service changes, preregistrácie wait until the removal of the fault. All these activities are currently carried out on customer cards take effect only after you resume the system from safe mode back to the standard mode, 'recommends the Skylink.
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Maybe they will ask you for even more money to resolve the issue.:rolleyes:
Sky link and Cs link ( daylight roberry ).:mecry: