Instalation of satellite by DreamboxEdit

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You can install using satellites (menu / configuration expert / search satellites)
You can form bouquets, by using (Menu / Start a bouquet /) then select the channels to put in a specific bouquets, but it is a long and tiring ..
But there is a simpler method using utility DreamboxEdit provided you have a file and satellite bouquets borrowed from a friend. Or files downloaded from the net.
This is an uncompressed file entitled "ENGINE BASED March 22" that contains several satellite (for satellite-powered)

*Run DreamboxEdit after downloading and decompression as mentioned above (# 1):


*it must be configured according to your network, clik on (optional) and a window opens:


IP Address IP address of your dream for me is
Http port: 80 already configured on your router (tcp)
Password: dreambox
FTP port 21 configured in your router also (tcp)
You can test your IP and your password if it works save this configuration in the end.
Now go into the menu bar and clik on (open) and search for the folder of
BASE 22 MARS MOTEUR (the satellites services file), select it and tap OK. 'Opens:
*The DreamboxEdit will load the file and the window will be as follows:


- On the right column you have (Cinema, discovery, music, children sports, bouquet satellite Astra, Hotbird ...)bouquets, On the near column: the selected channels of the bouquet; bouquets with red clumps are sensitive for children that you can lock or delete,
*To lock or delete a bouquet or a channel, you must select it and press the right mouse button and a window opens and then make your choice.


* To transfer these services to your dream, it must first be saved in a file such other changes, go into the menu bar then click on file and save. then go to the menu bar and clik on (FTP):


- Go to the right button of the window that appears (Reload the settings in the dreambox)
- Let scroll the window down, if the results are good, click on the button (Send the file to the dreambox).
- If the result of this manupilation is good, watch the message and reboot your dream,
- After startup, press
OK, the program window opens, press the green button , you'll see that all selected satellites are transferred:


- Press the exit button, then press the blue button to select the bouquets:


and all selected packages are transferred.:)
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