iDreamX connection error


Hi Guys

1) I have recently switched from PC to Mac and was trying to connection to my VU+Solo2 using iDreamX but am not able to connect, it says 530 : login incorrect. Please login with username and password. I have tried root, dreambox, left password blank still no joy. I used to use DCC on my PC before and am new to imac.

When I use search for ip address it says : 1) No box found, 2) Check IP/Port!, 3) Is a web interface installed on the box?.

My internet is connected to the Talktalk router through a TP-Link 300mbps AV200 WIFI powerline extender since I was not able to get the WIFI range in my room.

2) The same problem with DreamboxEDIT.

I am using OBH latest image.

Kindly assist/help.