Howto: make IPK files on Dreambox

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Howto: make IPK files on Dreambox

For those who do not have Linux machines.
How to make ipk packges on Dreambox for dreambox images
that you can use in our images.

1.Put my ipk file to/tmp ****Install ipk tools file with Green
Panel****Addons**** Manual Install Ipk packges
2.Restart Dreambox
3.Now you should have ipkg-tools folder (/hdd/ipkg-tools)
Now start TELNET
4.ipk file unpack with the command ipkg-unbuild filename.ipk
ipkg-unbuild enigma2-plugin-extensions-oroscopoitalia-e2-dreamelite_0.1_mipsel.ipk
5.ipk folder packing with ipkg-build foldername
ipkg-build enigma2-plugin-extensions-oroscopoitalia-e2-dreamelite

For pack/unpack you have to use the same folder
Tools folder /hdd/ipkg-tools

Getting Started
First unpack some ipk files to see the folder structure and files inside ipk
Use good unix/Linux editor for editing
takes into account the rights of the files
use chmod command to change file attributes/rights
or change with totalcommander.etc
Look for info on the net about ipk files packages to learn more.
Do not forget in the ipk package you need always to have control file.

Thanks mfaraj57
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