Howto create Picon

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Howto create Picon

Here it is shown how Picon with the program GIMP (Linux / Windows) can be created


Picon Manager v1.24 Tutorial

Picon Manager v1.24 Tutorial
Starting from beginning
The biggest mistake most of you making when first time come in contact with this tool is creation of folders.
While installation of Picon Manager, tool creating own folders in documents and C disc.
First folder is PiconManager. Inside of that folder we have 4 folders (Export, Picons, Services and Templates).
The folder that we need is Picon folder. Inside that folder we have folders named as (3D, HD and SD).
We are opening folder name (HD) and we should have again folder with name HD inside.
If folder HD do not exist in folder HD we have to create one.
Now we are opening HD folder inside of HD folder and creating two new folders.
One folder name (Name) and second folder name (Reference).
Make sure that folders name starting with capital letter.
Now we have to move picons that we have on our PC to our new created folder named as (Reference).
That is all what we needed about folder creation

Now we will set up Picon Manager.
Start the program and go to: File > Options > Edit
How it looks like you can see on pictures below. You must have nearly same as on picture except line that going to settings list
Line that going to settings list have to set up in section named Services

On the last picture you can see open window Picons
Here we have to set up way to our folder with picons. The way is under name Piconpath. Clik on search and find folder HD
All finish with Save then bring back to starting window.
Last we have to do is click on File > Open > Default
If is all ok you will see picons, then how you wish you can move it in between Name & Referance by using green arrows in between picons.






This manual was created by Nostradamus on SF forum and I only translated to English and shared with You

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