How to install Hypercam

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How to install hypercam.( Small tutorial )

For those who still have trouble to install hypercam (ppc), here is the procedure that I use to iTgate (in EDG 4.4) but is generally similar for the other images. (But feel free to correct if necessary).

1 °

there are 3 versions of hypercam:
- The satellite that allows the use of cards TNTsat, C +, etc locally (without use of softcam.key or sharing)
- The tiny lite + sharing =
- The full = tiny + care softcam.key (in / var / keys)

2 °

to install automatically after you choose the version (eg tiny_install.tar), place it in / var / etc and rename it in install.tar. Then reboot and everything should be ok.

3 °

to install manually, here is the procedure:
Stop cam emu or in progress (CCcam, gBox, etc), unzip and unpack the hypercam chosen (see 1) you will find 1 file install (which is used to install the car and thus no longer anything manual) and 1 / var which itself contains 3 directories: / bin / keys (empty), and / lib. The simplest is to copy the / var on (not in) the / var of Deco and normally it will add new files and directories in the right places. (Otherwise, simply copy the entire contents of / bin / var / bin, etc).

4 °

to separate right (= attribute) 755 to / var / bin / hypercam. For others, 644 is enough.

5 °

reboot and check the Deco qu'hypercam runs well (ps command in telnet and normally there are 8 hypercam process). Otherwise, after stopping the cam emu or in progress (in telnet command killall -9 nom_du_process) hypercam launch by hand telnet (command: / var / bin / hypercam).

So, hoping to be complete and sufficiently clear.
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