How to install Enigma2 on Opticum 9500HD step by step guide


I am not the author of this guide (respect to the original authors), just edited it, added some stuff, and published for sat-universe users, because I see a lot of images, but not clear guide how to install.
I personally installed enigma2 this way. Please note that I am not responsible for any damage whatsoever, howsoever caused by using this guide.

Required firmware/software:
(search the board or google for it)

1. Opticum9500 Dual-Boot_8MB_Argus_1.2.76 (.dld firmware with dual boot feature to install on flash)
2. Opticum 9500 ENIGMA2 Abix_3.2 25.04.2011_1GB (.arc or tar.gz packed enigma2 firmware to load to usb stick, you can use another image, this one is tested and working for me)
3. R-Drive Image 4.7 Build 4725 Portable (software for Windows, to restore .arc image file to pen drive)

How to install:

1. Install DUALBOOT SW "Opticum9500 Dual-Boot_8MB_Argus_1.2.76" to your Opticum 9500HD using standard procedure
2. Reboot the box
3. Plug in your usb stick, and in PVR menu,HDD tool format it with ext2 option (NOT FAT32)
4. Unzip the enigma2 image "Opticum 9500 ENIGMA2 Abix_3.2" to your PC
5. Pull out your usb stick from your Opticum Box and plug in it to your PC. Ignore Windows asking to format the drive
6. Start "R-Drive Image 4.7 Build 4725 Portable", select "Restore from an Image" option, browse for your unzipped Enigma2 Image "Opticum 9500 ENIGMA2 Abix_3.2 25.04.2011_1GB.arc" and select it.
On the next screen you should mark out this image(above) again and the target (down) your usb stick with (Ext2) extension. Both of them must be underlined in red (the image and the target place)
7. On the next screen TICK ACTIVE PARTITION option and click start. Wait to complete.
8. Switch off your Opticum 9500HD receiver.
9. Pull out your usb stick from your PC and plug in it to your Opticum Box.
10. Switch back on your Opticuim Receiver. It will boot automaticly from your usb stick and you have now opticum 9500 HD with Linux Enigma2 OS.

If you want to boot back to Argus, just remove the usb stick and reboot. To use additional external USB disk for storage, you must buy a USB hub. Feel free to try other E2 images, but if they are in tar.gz package, you must extract them manually to USB stick witch is not covered in this guide.
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