How To Download SKY UK EPG with Nabilosat Black Hole images

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How To Download SKY UK EPG with Nabilosat Black Hole images

Nabilosat Black Hole images for DM7025, DM800 and DM8000 include an exclusive feature: download the weekly SKY UK EPG via satellite, and have it integrated to Enigma2. This guide will briefly show how to complete the procedure.

The EPG is downloaded from the satellite signal available from the radio channel Hip Hop, frequency 11778, symbol rate 27500. There are 2 options to zap to this channel.

1) Edit your settings

Open your settings with your favorite editor, and add the radio channel to any TV bouquet. This procedure will give you the option to quickly zap to Hip Hop

2) Enable Alternative Radio mode

Press MENU, and browse to SETUP>SYSTEM>CUSTOMIZE and set Alternative Radio mode to YES. This procedure will give you the option to zap through radio channels in radio mode, and have the full MENU active like in TV mode


Then, press the Blue button to access to Nabilosat Blue Panel


And press it again to open the Nabilosat E2 settings. Move the cursor to Nabilo E2 EPG, and press OK


The Nabilo E2 EPG Settings panel will open


Press the red button to modify settings. Here you can enable/disable the loader, select the path where to save the EPG, and select the Hip Hop radio channel. Press the red button again to save your settings. Enigma2 will be restarted.


Once Enigma2 has restarted, go back to Nabilo E2 EPG settings, and press the yellow button. The channel list will popup. With the keys left/right set each channel to YES if you wish to download its EPG, or to NO if you wish to exclude it. Scroll up/down with the keys up/down. The Update channel feature, available through the green button, is useful when the provider completes a channels retuning. The list will be automatically updated, upon pressing the green button, and will include new channels and new frequencies.


The previous steps complete the setup, and are necessary only to modify settings such the destination path or channel list.
To download the EPG, simply zap to Hip Hop, wait for the popup window


Wait for the countdown to be over.


You will have updated your Sky UK Weekly EPG, and you will be able to browse through it with GraphMultiEPG, MultiEPG and the other Enigma2 EPG features.

Enjoy Nabilosat Images.
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