how to crack enigma2 plugins and bypass TPM checks


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how to crack enigma2 plugins and bypass TPM checks

Persian Prince said:
more information about TPM : Trusted Platform Module - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

first i want you to know that in my opinion whose writing plugins for any manufacturer with TPM check is a pet not a developer

in this tutorial i wanna crack EM2012 0.4 plugin for dreambox so anybody could use it on vuplus , xtrend , azbox , gigablue , unibox , ... too

this tutorial is an example and for other plugins you have to find a similar way

do i have to tell that you need python skills ?!

extract your desired ipk file with 7-Zip : Download 7-Zip -

open file with Notepad++ : Download Notepad++ 6.1.5 -

now with Ctrl+F find "def Plugins"

View attachment 314728

as you can see plugin will load "main" after run so find "def main"

View attachment 314729

as you can see there is a "if else" with a check

if checkDream():
print "starte"
session.openWithCallback(closen, enm2012, plugin_path)

in this part it will check your stb and in the next part

else:, "No Orginal Dreambox - No Support", type = MessageBox.TYPE_INFO,timeout = 20 )

you can see the message for other boxes

so you just need the bold part

View attachment 314730

that's all , cracked ! but let's delete some crap

remember the "checkDream" ? so find "def checkDream"

View attachment 314731

remove all of them and but what about "validate_cert" and other parts ?

View attachment 314732

remove them all too

now you're done , save it with Notepad++

enjoy cracked plugins

i did attach original ipk with cracked py file too ;)

publish this tutorial wherever you want , signed by Persian Prince
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airplayer crack needed

can you add airplayer pluging 0.39 cracked without the need of premiun key.
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The only file anyone wants cracked is airplayer, and it hasn't been cracked. Is there a reason for this? I did just have a look myself using these instructions but don't know the first thing and it seems the files are encrypted somehow.

Anyway, airplayer needs cracking as people are not wanting to spend 5 euros on A) something that should be free and B)something they're paying for that isn't even guaranteed to work (have you read their forums recently?) and C) there is no alternative.

In short cracking airplayer would help everyone massively.