How to config CCcam.cfg

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How to config CCcam.cfg

how the config works with CCcam.
To add a user you have to put a F line in the config :
F: user password 3 1 0 { 0:0:5 }
user gets all our cards at max distance(hops) of 3
He has the right to use our emu keys 1, no rights to emu keys change into 0
He has NO AU rights 0, right for AU change into 1
Furthermore he has the right to reshare all our cards 4 more times { 0:0:5 }
When number is here { 0:0:1 } he can only watch himself and he has no reshare rights.
NEVER GO ABOVE NUMBER 5!! because the distance is to far then. ( like GBOX { 5 5 })
You can set portnumber by changing this rule :
SERVER LISTEN PORT: number you want.
To connect to a CCcam server you have to add a C line:
C: ip/dyndns_server port user password yes
The yes on the end says you want to use your rights for emu keys
To connect to a newcamd server you have to add A N line:
N: ip/dyndns port user password deskey hops_away
To connect to a radegast server you need to add a R line:
R: IP/dyndns port CAID(4digits) providerID(6digits) hops_away
To connect to a Camd3 server you have to add a L line:
L: IP/dyndns port CAID(4digits) providerID(6digits) hops_away
These are the basics of the config for CCcam.
Expert setup follows
(03-30-2007 09:39 AM)
OK here we go, the above settings are the basics now we go further.
With a Cccam server you are always in controll
You decide how much your friend is going to see and how far he can reshare it
F: user password 0 0 0 { 0:0:1 }
Says that user gets only our local cards:0 and he only can watch it himself he has no reshare rights.
When changing the zero into 1 user gets our local cards and all vitual cards at a max distance of 1 hop.
If number is 2 then a max distance of 2 hops etc.
Don’t exceed number 5 because the distance is then too far away for stable picture
In case U have 2 local cards and U only want that user get to see 1 u can do this excample:
Card 1 = provider CDS 0100 00006A
Card 2 = provider Premiere 1702 000000
Now you want that user only gets to see your CDS card and not the premiere card do the following
F: user password 3 1 0 { 0:0:5, 0100 00006A:1, 1702:0:0 }
This user gets all cards at maximum distance of 3 hops except 1702 because he has no rights to it :0.
He gets to reshare all our cards(local and virual) 4 times except for provider 0100 0006A because of :1.
Say you want the user to have the right to reshare 0100 0006A 2 times further then change the :1 into 3
So you see U decide what your friend(s) are entitled to see and how many rights they get, wants your card is set to reshare level 3 nobody but yourself can change that.
If you have questions feel free
In the latest versions of CCcam it’s possible to control your hops you are receiving from your peers.
Thats realy a good option now you are in control how many shares online you have.
Heavy testing for me said that 2500 shares online is maximum.
To control receiving hops just add { 0:0:x } at the end of the C line, where x is the number of hops you want to receive.
So: C: dyndnds port user passwd no { 0:0:2 } only gives me shares from that peer with max count of 2.
Important: If you dont use yes/no behind the C lines add them or:
( { 0:0:2 } ) make it like this otherwise it won’t work
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