How buy apps from Google Play Market- TOTALLY FREE


Shop for free on the Android Google Play


To buy android applications or games, there are two ways.The first way is through credit card.Another way is via google play gift card code.When you click on the otherwise-Google Play gift card code, you can preview window will appear in which you need to type the code, and when you type code then you will see how many dollars you have reached.
To get free google gift card code, do the following:

1.From google play install application called junowallet:

2. Come into application and go to sign up

3.Register, or you can register directly through facebook and then you will be prompted invite code.You enter invite code through which you will receive free 0,25 dollars.Invite code is: XX1491247 .
Once done, in window will appear your profile where you will write the amount of your money.You have to start 0,25 dollars-it's because of my invite code.Your target is to this applications collect ten dollars sounds difficult, but it is not.You can collect by giving you 5 options.You could invite others to join you, to download the apps that bring you a certain sum of money, to watch youtube video's that will bring you at $0.1 or $0.2 or or likes facebook page that will make for a $0.5
Once you got $ 10, and you can exchange them for gift google play through application "junowallet" to the value of ten dollars.
And when you take off for a day with all applications junowallet is that you make money, and they're gone do not worry, every day adding new.

enjoy :)