[Help!] Gigablue UE UHD e TsPanel 8.1



I had a Gigablue Quad HD with OpenATV 6.3 and since only the cccam 2.3.2 DE Patched could be downloaded from the blue panel, but it stopped every 10 sec., I solved by installing the normal cccam from TSPanel 8.1. Everything worked perfectly and even faster than when the softcam was managed by OpenATV's softcam manager.

Now, however, with the new dec the cccam always installed with the TsPanel no longer works, total darkness. If I check the servers with cccinfo it tells me "webpage not found". The cccam.cfg is always in "etc."

I don't understand why it happens.

I also tried to manually install the ccc with an ipk but then neither the TSpanel nor the softcam manager OpenATV see it.

Any suggestions?