Hello All


Hello Folks, Been around this stuff for years on and off, ive done the up yours Sly then back to Sly like a lost sheep
mainly coz her indoors cant use more than one remote controlšŸ¤Ŗ
ive been into this for over 25yrs used to have an old street lampost at the bottom of my garden with the biggest dish ever right at the top on a motorised setup & it looked like i was looking for life on marsā€¦ā€¦many years later i went for a 3 sat fixed setup then onto Sly for the reasons above
Done various Sat Engineering Jobs/installs and im a Sparky by trade
couple of major health scares got me back into this as i always enjoyed messing around with this stuff.
its all different now so please forgive me whilst i get back into the swing of things if i ask about easy stuff šŸ‘
if i can help you i will try to do so cheers folks.