Fun Viaccess 19.2E NT1, France Ô, Gulli [Diablo TNT Sat Fix]


SU Team: It's All Good (Fausto v1.45/Newcamd/vplug
Staff member
Used latest keys:

TNT France 19.2E (Moresat Firmware, CCcam & vPlug Public keys)

and TNT Sat card file that worked on JOLLY CAM (ie Key0D 0E 0F not used)

edited the (program only FLASH) file with:

Tools for FunCard (FunProm, FunMagic)

result! with this card (File programed onto FUN4) inserted [Diablo CAS Settings Viaccess turned ON]:

NT1 12285V, Gulli 12402V & France Ô 12402V work again on Diablo with this Funcard (tested on Diablo Light v2 Rev3.9 / Ipnosys0.37)
(still no Paris Premiere 11817V, Planète+ HD 12207V or Arte HD 12168V, but Arte HD is also FTA on 11949H (in 720i or on 13E 11681H in 1080i). Paris Premiere & Planète+ HD are listed as part of the TNT Sat package by King of Sat [& Other websites] see here, but not listed as part of TNT Sat on TNT's website, see here. So I think like the Canal+ channels they are only available in TNT Sat at certain times of day... ie when FTA anyway!)

correct SurEncryption Key's (E1, E2...) HD/SD have to be in key.bin file

remember prog only Flash!