Flashing Your VU Solo BY USB

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Format a usb flash drive to Fat32.

1. On the USB stick create a folder and name it vuplus inside that folder create another folder and name it solo.

2. Download the USB version of a image and unrar. Now send the boot, kernel and root file to the solo folder.

3. Insert your USB stick in the front USB port. Then on th rear of your solo press the reset button.

When the VU Solo start the standby light will be RED. You should see the led light on your USB flashing. This shows the SOLO is reading the USB stick.

After a while you'll see the LED on your USB stop flashing. When this happens it means your SOLO is been programmed from it's internal memory after reading the USB drive.

When your Standby light turns green the flashing process is over and you can remove the USB stick.

Press the reset button on the rear again and the Solo will boot into the enigma2 setup process.

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