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Dreamsky NXP256HD: V1.30 10.05.2011.

1) EPG 0.8 W UPC isnt correct code table
-----fixed.pls System menu ,we add "Epg Language",if u chang menu language to Czech, Epg Language will change to Czech .

2). BISS is not working if microbox device is connected via RS232 (receiver was
tested with Korean device similar to microbox )
-----i checked it is ok
2. If microbox device is connected to receiver via RS232 the receiver does
not boot. Necessary to connect microbox after booting
3. If WiFi is connected to USB slot receiver sometime reboots.
4. During switching between channels the audio sound freezes for 2-3 sec. and
for some time is distorted.

5. Audio button: when you choose left or right audio track the info on display
about audio track is OK.
However after rebooting info about audio channel is still OK, but actually the
audio track playing is default audio track (i.e. stereo)
------about audio track ,we will check when enginneer go to czech

6. If USB stick with newest SW is inserted :
if USB file system is NTFS the receiver automatically updates
if file system is FAT32 then it's necessary to update from Menu.
-----we do automatically updates at NTFS to Easy at factory update sw



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dreamsky Fİrmware 16062011

DREAMSKY 8080 HD ALI3602 to New Firmware Doombox HD 900 16/06/11


We recommend saving a backup, and channel list before upgrade.

v3.2.7722 (16-jun-2011)
Fixed issues:
Save chanell list (first save userdb and then restore)
- Supports software actulización
- IKS Performance increased (iks fixed)
- CCCam has better performance
- A-Z Sort Button not saves the list now. You can keep the original list.
- 2 Sats on One Tuner Selectable Now
- Save favorites (needs new satellite search)