FetchTV opts for Hostworks website platform


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Australian pay-TV provider FetchTV, which delivers content straight to televisions using a broadband connection and a set top box, has selected Hostworks to ensure its website maintains high availability and an enhanced user experience.

FetchTV will benefit from technology investments Hostworks has made in the last 12 months, including its elastic computing platform. This cloud solution lets customers increase the capacity of their servers dynamically to satisfy user demand. Hostworks elastic computing will enable FetchTV to scale capacity as required.

Additionally, FetchTV will take advantage of Hostworks’ disk-based backup platform that is more reliable, efficient and faster than legacy tape backup systems.

Paul Mullen, managing director of Hostworks, said: “Hostworks’ relationship with FetchTV further demonstrates our expertise in the digital media space, and we look forward to continuing to work with FetchTV to deliver a compelling user experience.”

Scott Lorson, CEO of FetchTV, added: "FetchTV brings together the full selection of free-to-air channels, the best of subscription TV including MTV, BBC World News, Fox Sports News, as well as more new release movies than anyone else. We are pleased to be working with Hostworks to deliver our website - a critical business function that provides customers with key information about our service.”