FastPictureViewer 1.4 build 174


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FastPictureViewer is bijgewerkt naar versie 1.4 build 174. Dit programma is bedoeld voor de digitale fotograaf en kan worden gebruikt om snel en eenvoudig grote hoeveelheden afbeeldingen te bekijken en te waarderen. Er zijn geen mogelijkheden om afbeeldingen te bewerken, maar het programma biedt wel ondersteuning voor het raw-formaat van meer dan 320 digitale camera's. Aparte downloads zijn beschikbaar voor 32bit- en 64bit-omgevingen, en het programma is gratis voor niet-commercieel gebruik. Het changelog van deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

FastPictureViewer 1.4 is available

•Full support for .WAV audio annotations (play with Z key). The program will copy/move/rename/delete .WAV audio annotations alongside their associated images, making .WAV handling seamless and perfectly integrated.
•View Filters. The program now supports view filtering where the user can select a filter criteria, say "rating equal or higher than 4" and see only the images matching the criteria. In this initial release, filters can be applied on XMP Rating, XMP Label, Photoshop Urgency as well as the "Copied", "Marked for Publishing" and "Marked for Deletion" transient flags, making it easy to quickly review selected images during a culling session. Press the F key to bring up the filter window.
•A dangerously powerful Rename action has been added to the Files Utilities plug-in, allowing for batch-renaming of the original images using the same renaming templates behind FastPictureViewer F2 renaming function. Templates can include EXIF information, counters and other variables, and support most renaming needs, from very simple to very complex. Beware than renaming the original files more than once using a batch renaming template may product unexpected results: say the template prepends "2011-" to all the file names. Applying it twice will result in file names prefixed with "2011-2011-", so be careful with batch renaming!
•Template-based renaming has also been added to the Copy, Move and Save-for-Web actions, allowing to rename destination files as part of the batch processing.
•Three new actions have been added to the File Utilities plug-in, Set XMP Rating, Set XMP Label and Set Photoshop Urgency, allowing users to modify XMP metadata in batch. The new functions supports relative changes, for example "add 1" or "subtract 1" to the current value. The new metadata functions builds on the robust and time-tested XMP rating functions that have been present in FastPictureViewer for a long time and can create XMP sidecars for raw files, as well as write within JPEG, TIFF and HD Photo formats. These new additions raise the total number of available batch management actions to 9.
•Four new selection criteria have been added to the File Utilities plug-in, namely an ISO Speed condition, making it easy to select images taken at or above a certain ISO, for example, as well as new Portrait orientation, XMP sidecar and WAV annotation conditions letting users select images with (or without) such features, raising the number of available selection criteria to 17.
•The interaction between FastPictureViewer Professional and the Files Utilities plug-in has been enhanced: the program now attempts to stay on the current image after the pug-in exits (when possible) and does not reload the entire image folder when the plug-in was applied to the current image only.
•A new Clear Rules command has been added to the Rule Set menu in the File Utilities plug-in, making it easier to manage the current rules and create / edit sets representing batch file management tasks.
•A number of small cosmetic and functional issues have been fixed here and there in the File Utilities plug-in and FastPictureViewer itself.
•A cheat sheet describing all keyboard shortcut and commands available in FastPictureViewer Professional now ships with the product. It can be found in the FastPictureViewer submenu in Explorer's Start menu, alongside shortcuts to our new Twitter and Facebook pages.


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