EXODUS New Album 2018


EXODUS To Hit The Studio Late This Year Or Early 2018 For A New Album


For the first time in four years, new Exodus is coming! Obviously for that math to work, you've figured out that the album will be coming in 2018, though vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza confirms that it's absolutely coming.

In an interview with That Drummer Guy, Souza says Gary Holt has been working with drummer Tom Hunting on some new stuff when he's not with Slayer, and that the band is trying to hit the studio either late this year or early next year! This will be Exodus' second album with Sousa, who took a 10 year break between 2004 and 2014 from the band.

"We're writing right now. We obviously have to pay attention to Slayer's schedule, because our main guy plays in Slayer, so we have to pay attention to that. But I think they're coming to a bit of an end [of their touring cycle] where he's gonna have some time. And he's already gotten together with Tomin the early part of this year and put some songs together. So it's definitely there. We're looking, probably, November, December, January — something like that — to get into the studio."

Which also begs the question of when the hell Gary Holt ever sleeps or takes a break. Maybe Gary Holy is just a sentient guitar who can grow one hell of a convincing beard?