Evocamd v.2.11

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thx to rel_cvss :

You are able now to use TPS_AES.txt keys list and http update.(except evocamd from dbox+dragon directory, there still the old one)
This mean when no "good" key in list, will be downloaded from http your choice
the good one.Please check camd_cfg for configuration.
wwwtps = http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxx/xxxxxxx.php
wwwtps_offset = 0
wwwtps_filter = 0500:007C00:0000000000:00:%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x %02x%02x:%02x%02x%02x%02x
wwwtps_offset and wwwtps_filter is a flexibler way to fetch keys from http your choice, as every http use another format.
In this example if you have wwwtps_offset = 5, filter will be wwwtps_filter = 007C00:0000000000:00:%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x% 02x:%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%
02x%02x%02x, if wwwtps_offset = 25 , your filter will be wwwtps_filter = %02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x%02x:%02x%02x%02x%02x% 02x%02x%02x%02x and so on.On default filter is 0.
Keys will be saved on evocamd termination, so PLEASE NEVER KILL EVOCAMD WITH "-9"
- New Vdr version added.
Not open for further replies.