EstarDreamConverter3.80 is released

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EstarDreamConverter3.80 is released

This program will convert the original DM800 images into estar images.

1. System Requirements
(1) Operating Systems: 32bit Windows Operating System
(2) RAM: 128MB free RAM (minimum)

2. Supported Images
The original DM800 images with second stage loader #74, #75, #76 , #82 and 84# are supported.
** Bug: Images with driver 20111117 are not supported. This bug will be fixed in the next version of EstarDreamConverter. Some images by oozoon maybe are not compatible.

3. For how to install estar images, please refer to "How to install estar images.pdf".

4. Estar images don't support online update, so please don't do software update/restore in the Software Manager menu of DM800. If the box can't boot up by doing online update, please rescue the box refer to "How to rescue estar DM800.pdf".
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