El Clásico offers springboard for Spain's Ultra HD industry


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Saturday’s Real Madrid vs. Barcelona match was broadcast direct to customers through Spain’s first live 4K feed.

During El Clásico, SES deployed a Spain-only, Ultra HD satellite signal via Astra 1L, through which Telefónica's Movistar+ offered the game in 4K for a selected group of subscribers.

“Ultra HD test broadcasting of a live football game means a milestone for the Spanish and European industry and shows the technological agents are ready to bring 4K to viewers on a worldwide scale,” said Luis Sahún, general manager for Spain, SES. “Satellite's capacity to broadcast high quality content will help to integrate Ultra HD as a part of people's daily TV experience in the near future.”

Another UHD TV initiative around El Clásico also relied on satellite technology. The international 4K live feed of the game was transmitted by Hispasat, which delivered the signal to TV stations in countries including Germany, Hong Kong and Switzerland.

The signal for both initiatives was produced from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium by Mediapro. A mobile unit equipped with 12 4K cameras and a team of over 400 professionals made possible the production of the first live Ultra HD feed broadcast to viewers’ screens in Spain.