E2 Patch to avoid SkinError

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If you have already contributed to plugins themselves or published, then you know determines the next dialog :)

User: This plugin creates a GS. Trace ... skinError
Developer: Yes, in the first post will be updated this skin must

The attached patch provides a kind of fallback:
Skin may not be the first to be loaded, is looking for the next skin and then uses this.

This should always be ensured that the working plugins, each plugin finally provides developers with a well-functioning skin.

And should report such errors to an end:
{aaa / skin.xml}: component with name 'bbb' was not found in the skin of screen 'ccc'!
{aaa / skin.xml}: unsupported attribute = bbb ccc

There are only a few lines of code in the mytest.py and skin.py

Tested with the latest experimental and DM8000 DMM.

Contents of Zip:
2 diff files for mytest.py and skin.py
1 Original source folder
1 Patched source folder

Please apply the patch distributed to all image-makers.

You must use the code freely.
I would be pleased if improvements to flow back again, finally, all benefit from it.

And a mention in your changelog would be perfect, of course :)

In a few seconds, the patch also go to the E2 mailing list.
Not open for further replies.