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Network configuration:


*If you have a router, you must install to get at least connection on your PC.
- Go to the Start menu, Run, type in (cmd) then in black window at the DOS prompt type in (ipconfig / all)


- It gives you an IP (Internet Protocol) to your PC here (
The IP address of your router here: (
- Press the menu button on your remote, then with left scroll right button menu choose (setup), click on OK.


- A window opens, select (Expert setup) then (communication setup) a window opens:


- In IP address to choose a form 192.168.xy, x and y must be between 0 and 255. and it will be the IP of your dream.
Here is
Netmask: (subnet mask)
Type: lan
Nameserver: the IP of your router (here:
Gateway: the same (
- Tick (Enable network) port 80 already configured on your router (tcp)
And press the button labeled green (save) and then reboot your dream.
After the start of your dream in the Start Menu (Run) (cmd) type at the prompt back
Ping (ip)
For example:

ping (ip of pc)
ping (router ip)
ping (ip of the dream)


*If everyone lost = 0 so it works, if not retry the process.
- This is now your network is configured.
You can now use Flashwizard to format your stick, format it and install a multiboot image (see above # 3) and you can use DCC to make sure that your network is configured:
After decompression of DCC, run it:
- clik on the button configuration copy the IP in the proper locations and in :


Name, enter root
and passw type dreambox
If your network is configured, you will see green and not red.
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