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DM 500HD firmware update via browser

What you need to update the firmware:
You need a current image. Such an image for the DM 500HD has the extension *. NFI.
It is not possible einzuspielen another image type such as *. IMG!
Do not try it please, it does not work.
You still need a DHCP server on your network, an intact bootloader
You need a browser and a network cable. Connect your Dreambox to your
Switch / hub / router.
To import a new image to the Dreambox, you must have the "2nd stage" Loader
in place and undamaged.

The next steps refer to a network with a DHCP server running.
- Turn off the dreambox, use this switch back in the pits. The
Standby is not enough!
  • (1.) Press the button on the front panel and hold it down.
  • (2.) Turn on the Dreambox via the switch on the back of housing a
  • (3.) your Dreambox now get the next free DHCP IP address from your router.


- Now, open a browser on your PC.
(1.) Enter the IP address in the address field of the browser "http://ip/" field.
- (2.) Now press the pick "firmware upgrade" of the displayed page in


- On the next page, you can now select the desired image you
dubbing in the box like. Please note the file extension *. nfi that
other images is not possible (NO *. img)!
- Click on the selection of the images on the selection of "FLASH!" and wait
completely transferred to the image was flashed.
- Turn up the whole box, and then ask then on again.
The new operating software should now be recorded and boot

Gracias a kien sea

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How to update firmware DM 500HD via mini-usb

Manual update firmware DM 500HD via mini-usb

Upgrading the software of DM 500HD is like the rest of Dreams via RS232, but the mini-USB port.

Items required:
1) mini-usb male to male USB


2) Universal DreamUP Download here http://www.sat-universe.com/showthread.php?p=553894#post553894 Thanks to marce


1)Unplugged the Dream 500HD

2)We connect the cable for its part mini-usb port "Service" of the Dream 500HD and the USB to a USB port on your PC.

3)Just plug it in, the PC will detect new hardware connected to the system:


4)The PC will ask the driver for this new component. Download here http://www.sat-universe.com/showthread.php?t=124825

5)Open the Windows Device Manager, and you will see the new hardware installed, will appear as COM port (even a USB cable). In the following example, is recognized as the cable into the port COM4.


6)We opened the universal DreamUP (for example) and select the update COM port (like any other model of Dreambox). At this point, we choose the COM port that we appeared in the previous step (COM4 in this example).

7)Press the Connect button the DreamUP universal and we can turn
the Dream 500HD to start loading new firmware.


Attached pdf version Spanish :thum:

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Howto Enable USB on DM500hd By pekogozolo.

Here is the guide to activate Usb controller on your DM500hd with a little hardware modification.
Warning: Removing resistors means you are going to VOID WARRANTY and everything happening since then will be at YOUR OWN RISK, no one will take responsibility for your own actions.
4fun: This guide is free and you can redistribute for every forums

Enabling USB port on DM500HD

On DM500HD there is a standard usb pinheader, but the usb controller has been fixed into a disable
state, because it misses an over-current protection on 5v pins (max1823 on dm800 for example) and
so it does not meet usb specs.
Removing a resistor (or two), you can fake the presence of such missing chip, but in case your usb
device makes a short, there will be no protection against flaming the main 5v mainboard regulator,
you can imagine what could happen. If usb specs requires an overcurrent protection, there must be a
good reason afterall.
Removing resistors means you are going to VOID WARRANTY and everything happening since
then will be at YOUR OWN RISK, no one will take responsibility for your own actions.

View attachment 200666

You can see here the standard PC motherboard usb pinheader with a standard PC usb bracket
connected. The bottom-right pin is in real disconnected, you have to make an hole into the PC
bracket connector to let it feet. On the rear panel of the decoder, there is a pre-cut window for a
single usb female connector, if you want a stylish job.

View attachment 200667

In my decoder there was only R1011 populated with a 0ohm resistor, but in case you have R1010
populated or both, you have to remove both. These are FAULTA and FAULTB signals that would
come from the missing max1823 usb power control switch, it’s enough to have one populated to
tell the Broadcom to disable the whole usb controller.

View attachment 200668

Looking at usb specs, the device that must handle the over-current protection is the hub, so, instead
of directly connecting an usb device, I would suggest to buy a good usb external-powered hub
which reports “over-current protection” on the specs, because the cheap chinese ones does not have
a dedicated power control circuit. Googling a little, hubs with Genesys GL850 chip seem good

View attachment 200669


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Install CCcam on original image

What follows is nothing dangerous or complicated to make, but will require basic knowledge of Linux:

1) We entered through telnet (or ssh) to the DM. The login / password by default is usually root / dreambox.

2 º) First of all, we must get rid of that comes standard cam (dccamd). We do this with the command:
 ipkg purge dreambox-dccamd

3rd) transferred by FTP the binary CCcam to the directory: / usr / bin

4th) We execute permissions to binary:
 chmod x / usr / bin / CCcam

5 º) Edited by FTP and then transfer the configuration file CCcam.cfg to the directory: / etc

6 º) Optional: we can transfer other files via FTP CCcam.providers CCcam.prio CCcam.channelinfo , etc directory: / etc

7th) Edit the file that runs automatically when you start the cam dreambox with the command:
 vi / etc / init.d / bootup

8th) We and comment (we put # before) the line:
 # / usr / bin / wdog / usr / bin / dccamd -

9th) Below that line add this one:
 / usr / bin / CCcam

10th) Reboot the DM:

Gracias a wiciu


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DM500 HD - manual IP

Setup a manual IP address in the bootloader:

OK, you don't have an DHCP server. That's normal if you don't have a router or configured one by yourself. You don't need to install one, but you need to connect your Dreambox by a USB cable now.

You need to know which IP to give to your Dreambox. If you don't know which IP to choose, please ask someone who can help you. You can choose any IP which is "near" your PC's IP address, but the IP should not be used by any other device.

For example, if your PC's IP is, you could use, unless another device already uses that. In that case, just choose, or whatever. It just needs to be in the 192.168.0.x range, where x is >= 1 and <= 254.

Start your favourite terminal program, for example HyperTerm. Setup your Comport to 115200/8N1. Press the "s" key.

Now a setup menu should appear. It should look similiar than the screenshot below


Press the right arrow. You are now in the network setup menu.
Using "+" or "-" you can set the "Network type" to "manual".
Now you can enter an IP address in below. Press F9 to save your settings.
The Dreambox will shutdown.


Now go back and to the procedure again. "dhcp" shouldn't appear anymore, instead the IP you entered.


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Flashing via browser

If your not a null modem cable but only a crossover, you can have the 500 HD to flash via the browser. Here is a little guide:

First, your dream ride your high and is the menu item to a DHCP
Menu-Settings-Network adapter setting a DHCP

Then run the network test. Now the Dream, where an IP address. This address your MEKT you and drive down the DM 500 HD. The power switch off.

20 sec. Wait

Now your turn to dream again and hold while pressing the standby button-ca. 1 min.

After the release of the standby switch on the device you open your browser and type in the IP address pinned in the search bar. This opens the Flash window.

At the bottom of the window you will find the Firmware Upgrade tab. That you clicked on. In the window you choose your image and then click Flash.

This takes a few seconds. Until it goes off. When you reach 100% your clicks on reboot. Your new image is now starting on the box and the Startassi.

add german pdf
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