DM820HD and HDD Seagate


Hi all I wanted to allow the decoder in question to record, so yesterday I got a Seagate Expansion 1tb.
The decoder recognizes it after a while after being inserted but won't let me format it.
I state that I tried to do it as soon as I bought it, then seeing that it didn't format it and wrote me "impossible to format", same thing after formatting it on the pc keeping it in NTFS and same impossibility even when I formatted it in exFat.
Can anyone help me fix this and get it working?
On the decoder which is an Enigma 2 the following is set: Dreambox OS: 4.3.3r3-2021-10-29 Image: Experimental 2021-10-29
Previously to the Seagate as HDD I used a 64gb Datatravel G4 pen and it worked very well and without problems, even in the recognition and formatting phase everything was immediate.
Thank you