Dm500s FAN solder less guide

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Hello friends ,

Before 2 months i had fabricate this very simple fan installation .
You do not need any technical skill to do it .

Just buy the specific fan and unscrew the heat sink . The surface is adhesive so you can put it on IBM CPU. The pins are similar to a PC 3pin connector . Just take out the pins from the plastic nest and see the photos where to connect accordingly . From the flat cable the middle one is connected to 12Vdc all the other to chassis as GND .
To connect the pin to diode just open it until it fit under and then close and secure as well .

Specs of fan: 12Vdc , 23db low noice , 0.8w consumption , dim. 40mm x 40mm x 10mm , blue light .

Please note that also is fitted to DM600 dm7020 Ipbox250s and work flawless.!!!

If you use just one put it above the tuner .

P.S. In winter dark nights you can use the receiver as a

Job done now you have a DM500s fridge .!!!

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