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By Mendelson Kho Tiu (hardwarezone)

Finding the perfect multimedia speaker system for music and game is never an easy task. More often than not, it's a struggle to find a balance within considerations such as price, performance and size. Those who want high-fidelity audio have plenty of options in the way of large speaker systems, but it's almost impossible to procure space saving audio systems capable of delivering immersive audio. The GigaWorks T20 from Creative however, aims to offer consumers the best of both worlds while being totally affordable at that too.

Boxed In, Look Out!

Out of the box, the GigaWorks T20 sports a grey and black finish for the front and back of the speakers respectively, giving it a contemporary signature. Housing of the speakers is sturdy and very elegantly designed. On the right speaker are three silver dials for bass, treble and volume control. Southwards are the headphone jack, auxiliary-in jack and a bright blue power LED. It's apparent the GigaWorks T20 was designed as a hassle free audio system.

Although the GigaWorks T20 lacks a subwoofer for the added “umph” to shake the room with hip-hop and R&B music, it compensates through Creative's BasXPort technology, which is designed to channel the sound waves from the inside to the outside port to return better low-mid range tones without the need for a built-in subwoofer.

What’s speakers without subwoofers?

While the design and layout of the speakers are admittedly unorthodox, audio output was surprisingly balanced and didn't sound like it was coming from speakers of its build. Even with volume tuned up, mids and highs were impressively clear, powerful and pretty accurate with a noticeable bassy note. It would appear Creative's BasXPort does work after all.

At low volume however, audio quality was left much to be desired with bass barely audible.

That being said, the GigaWorks T20 is best used with the volume turned up, preferably past the halfway mark to bring out whatever power the T20 has had to offer. However, in scenarios where blasting tunes would be frowned upon, there is always the 3.5mm earphone jack to turn to for music enjoyment on a personal level. There's also an AUX-in jack for you to hook up your friends' MP3 players through the bundled stereo-to-stereo cable should you ever get sick of looping your personal compilation. Furthermore, with the bundled dual RCA to stereo adapter, audio sources such as television, VCR player, DVD player and gaming consoles can also be hooked up with relative ease.

Final thoughts

With the option to either keep the grilles on or off to expose the yellow woven fiberglass cone driver for a more aggressive look, the Creative GigaWorks T20 is sure to complement any workstation. While it may not be able to work the crowd with sheer bass, the BasXPort powered speakers are more than able to cocoon users in delightful audio. As mentioned earlier, the GigaWorks T20 has what it takes to put other speakers of similar class to shame, but that's only when volume is cranked up without which the audio quality is only average at best.

Overall, the GigaWorks T20 handles mids and highs brilliantly. While it may not be able to compete with 2.1 speaker systems with subwoofers in the bass department, there is enough quality in its avant-garde styling, convenient input/output jacks and acoustic capability to warrant our utmost recommendation for an affordable stereo audio system.

Product Specifications

* Speaker Power: 14 Watts RMS per channel
* Glass fiber cone driver and cloth dome tweeter
* BasXPort technology
* Adjustable bass, treble and volume knobs
* Aux-in and headphone jack
* Package Content: Stereo-to-stereo audio cable, stereo auxiliary input cable, dual RCA to stereo adapter
* Dimensions: 8.3 x 13.8 x 23 cm (L x W x H)


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