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Closed Roja Directa, portal to watch the games free streaming

MILAN - Football fans will have to say goodbye to Roja Directa, the famous Spanish site to see for free the games streamed from all over the world. The investigating magistrate in Milan, Andrea Ghinetti, has ordered the seizure. The seizure was requested by prosecutors after complaints of RTI and the Football League. The lawyers of the site, lawyers Fulvio Sarzana, Vaciago Giuseppe and Giovanni Maria Riccio, however, have already appealed to the Court of Review to ask for the restitution.

The investigating magistrate in its order for the crime of violation of the law on copyright clarifies that "the electronic dissemination" by "the portal Rojadirecta" of "sports broadcasts on which the National League of Professional Football Players boasts the privacy rights' beyond from the "boundaries of strictly personal."

The site also, according to the investigating judge, has "proven profit motive," because of "advertising." For the judge, therefore, "the blackout of the site, using the tool mentioned in the order of the inhibitory connectivity providers, stands as unique and necessary tool for law enforcement."

One of the lawyers of the Spanish portal, the lawyer Fulvio Sarzana, states that "it is premature to do, the state of affairs, an assessment of the judiciary in order to action, pending the decision of the judges of Review." In any case, the lawyer says, "can not ravvisarsi how the Court of Appeal of Madrid, an influential U.S. Court have already established the legitimacy of the activity of Rojadirecta."

Last January, among other things, had been dealt a further blow to the football on-line, ie the phenomenon, more and more widespread, which enables thousands of web users to watch the games in 'streaming' free, ' sponging the images transmitted by the pay-TV. The same magistrate Ghinetti, in fact, had impounded the 'domains' Italian of ten sites, based in different countries, for violating the law on copyright, after a complaint of Mediaset, which had triggered the investigation.