Channel settings & Fireware for TopfieldTF7700HDPVR



I just got myself a Topfield TF7700HDPVR setup box and I would like to know if I can get channel settings and a p*tch fireware for this box like it is always available for my old ClarkeTech 2100 Plus.

Can any Topfield TF7700HDPVR user out there give more goodies for this box? Thanks


Hi If you've not sorted this yet I am using AAF Enigma2 versions from the German language site _ where I think you will have to register. If you want a channel list after you've got Enigma2 running you can download lots from here or elsewhere. I use Dreamboxedit for my channel lists. I think any of the Dreambox lists will work on the box if you install enigma2.

I use Chromium browser, there is a version for Linux and Windows, which will translate each page of the AAF forum as you browse.
The file I suggest is AAF "latest Edition" V2 Topfield USBFull which includes the installer download and extract. You will not get access to the database if you are not registered.

For a first time installation (only) you need to change the file in the package Enigma_Installer.ini as follows


Copy whole package (extracted from compressed download) to FAT32 USB Stick and plug it in the front with box unplugged. Power up and it should auto install, then on first boot you set up display language Diseqc/usals etc. These will be kept for future updates as long as you use the installer ini file as supplied not as altered above for first installation. There are how to files on AAF board.

Good luck with the install - sometimes you need to try twice! To prevent a loop boot to install part of the installation process renames a file called uImage on the stick to uImage_ (I think) anyway remove the last added charachter before you retry.Try unplugging the box, plug in the USB Stick then power up and let it get to end again, it should count down from 9 then reboot box (if it doesn't automatically). I have heard that some boxes needed to use a certain type of USB Stick but mine worked first time. Try anonther stick make if it wont read yours ensure its FAT32 format.

Bear in mind if you go to Engma2 you need a NULL Modem Lead to go back to original system firmware. They are not similar and you loose any recordings you have not transferred to pc.