Changing bootlogos - OpenPLI4


I am running PLI4 on an original DM500HD and have been trying to change the boot logos unsuccessfully. I like the PLI image and I also like the bootlogo actually, it's just that I like to tinker with things and learn more about this box, but this excercise is slowly driving me insane and some help from you knowledgeable guys would be much appreciated.

I can easily change bootlogo.mvi, but no matter what I try I cannot change bootlogo_wait.mvi nor backdrop.mvi. Actually I can change them easily in /usr/share but when I reboot the box only bootlogo.mvi appears. I have changed the symlinks in /boot and in /usr/share to point to the correct files instead of all pointing to bootlogo.mvi, but it makes no difference.

I have tried with LogoMatik and with Dream_Logo_Generator without any luck either. I also read that loading a bootlogo.jpg in /boot should show that image much earlier in the booting process. It makes no difference in my box. What am I missing? Does the PLI image not use the other logos in any case?