Cant reset my password


Hi it's saj1985 here I've had to create this account as I can't seem to get a reset password email for some reason

I can't PM admin too for some reason

@barney115 I had this issue before and had to PM you on another forum to get it reset

@barney115 @empb any help would be appreciated thanks


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OK FAIR PLAY I Have disabled @sajjy now as its no longer required : )
just change your passwrd to something stronger that you'll remember .
i save my logins on a usb stick in text files that i keep in my wallet it might save any issues doing similar .
anyhow all is good glad you are back .

any issues you have let me know ...i am simply learning various things as Admin and being very cautious i just have "L" plate
the true admin is always @Ferret without him there simply is no Sat-universe at all ....Fact! .. it is thanks to him and Rock we have all the extra tools and a forum that runs like clockwork all the time , but i am happy to be of some help if/when needed .
Thank you : )