Beyoncé 'to make movie about father'

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Beyoncé 'to make movie about father'

Wednesday, October 7 2009, 20:19 BST

By Oli Simpson
Beyoncé 'to make movie about father'


Beyoncé has revealed that she wants to make a movie based on the life of her father.

As well as running his own label Music World Entertainment, Matthew Knowles manages the singer's solo career and was instrumental in helping her former group Destiny's Child achieve worldwide success in the late '90s.

Beyoncé told Billboard: "I'd like to do a film loosely based on my father's childhood and school years.

"He's had an interesting life. But that will probably be in a couple of years."

The star recently announced her hopes to launch a new fitness video game on the Wii that incorporates a dance workout.