Auto install NewCS 1.67 for Ubundu system - [HELP]



I'm trying to install the Auto installer for NewCS on my Ubuntu server. I've moved the newcs_install_pack to /tmp and set the permission on /tmp/newcs_install_pack/ to 755 by using this command.

sudo chmod 755 /tmp/newcs_install_pack/

I believe that Im correct, after that you're supposed to set the OWNER variable in to the username and I guess that's the username that you login with, not sudo.
Now it looks like this:

#put the Newcs_install_pack in /tmp
#put this script in /tmp then chmod 755 this script.
#and run this script from terminal.

When I try to run the by using this command:

sudo sh ./tmp/newcs_install_pack/

I get this error:

chown: invalid user: ´username\r'
sleep: invalid time insterval ´2\r'
./ 81: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expeciting "then")

Any1 who has a clue what the problem could be ?

Im running Ubuntu 10.04.