Argentina’s 30-Team Primera Division! Disaster?

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In April Argentina voted to turn the league on its head and introduce a 30-team top flight from 2015.
The move has been roundly criticised and there are already movements to try and reverse the impending disaster.

Since 1991, Argentina has had two championships each season – much like most of Latin America. The current Primera Division has 20 clubs, but this will be increased to 30 in February 2015 as the top ten sides from Primera B get promoted.
The logic behind the plan was to include more teams from the provinces in a top flight generally dominated by the Buenos Aires clubs, but critics worry that the product of the league will become diluted while financial problems of the small clubs could bring the league to its knees.

Plans are already afoot to change the mess, but with planning at such an advanced stage it is too late to cancel the idea outright.
Instead, Argentina will take five years to rectify the mess, relegating four sides every year whilst only promoting two.

Fans are rightly unimpressed. What do you think?
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