ARCHANGEL | Fantasy Sci fi Film


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This is my proof of concept for the origin story of Michael, the great archangel once born to earth, who grew to lead an army against the almighty deceiver Lucifer and his rebel legions

This film was done with the help of friends and family. It was a lot of work with very little budget. We shot primarily on the Sony a7s. (I not II). The battle scenes were shot on an epic. No expensive wire rigs, just a bunch of people having fun on trampolines with super heavy armor on! For anyone wondering, there is more to the story. A graphic novel treatment that I hope to turn into a longer form series or film. This project took over a year and a half in post, between jobs and trips. So many late nights. To those that helped me create this ambitious project, thank you so much. I've probably read too many fantasy novels in my life so it was a lot of fun to take something that has a basis in historical literature and religion and put it into a world that I love.