AB Enigma1HD beta for 910HD - 27.10.2009

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AB Enigma1HD beta for AB IPBox /910HD - 28\10\2009



+ Added function of automatic HDD check after start Key Up button (from front panel).
+ Added card driver inside sw
+ Added Mgcamd with working configs to AIO panel
+ Added configs for 1 and 2 smartcard reader boxes to AIO panel
+ Edited setting with added Thor 1W and Astra 28.5E
+ Repaired Timer recording
+ Repaired signal indicators
+ Repaired displaying Nameserver and Gateway in network setup
+ Correct displaying CZ EPG when CZ or SK language of main menu selected
+ Added info bar "recording" on TV screen after start recording
+ Added wizard of video outputs after first booting, box automatic swithces between video outputs till one is confirmed.
+ Added TXT subtitles (turns on in audio track button) In 1080 mode you can change bigger font of displaying subtitles, but without diacritic (will be added in next version).
For change font, turn on teletext on any channel with TXT,
press MENU and mark "true type font", than exit menu.
+ Correct displaying time on front dislay after turning off (91HD)
+ Added button of quick restart by frozen box(for uni RCU 9000HD/910HD button "repeat"
under "RECORD" button, for RCU 91HD button "RECALL" between "MENU" and "EXIT")
+ Added welcome logo

Known Issues

- DVB-C tuner doesn´t work
- works upper CI slot only, after inserting CAM module you have to restart it in menu of box.
After every restarting of box you have to put out CAM from box and put in to box and reset CAM in menu of box.
- DVB subtitles are not working
- installed games don´t work in 720p and 1080i mode. (work in 576i and 576p mode)
- doesn´t work CIFS
- after start playback from HDD, picture breakdown - it is necessary start playback again
- When SHARP tuner is inside box - signal indicators don´t work

Next repairs, which will be solved:

- playback - ts, divx, mpeg
- dvb subtitles
- video scaling for 544x572 4:3
- other known issues
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