28.2east (SKY UK) what should my PNR signal be? currently approx 70%


Hi all

i hope im posting in the correct part of the forum. i have a vu+ solo2 box setup for 28.2e ( SKY UK) and i can watch TV perfectly fine, so im sure somebody will ask why am i asking the question, anyway

when i go onto the signal menu, and look and both tuner A and tuner B the PNR fluctuates alot around the 70-78% mark, is this normal? why isnt it 100% or at least in the 90s?

I know the signal depends on a lot of factors, such as aircraft flying past, cloud coverage, birds or debrie on the satellite dish etc

can anybody advice on roughtly wht their PNR say


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Also depends on which transponder you are getting your Signal readings from the UK spot beam transponders will give you a higher reading than some of the Europe wide beams