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  • السلام عليكم
    اسمى جمعة من مصر ياريت تقبلنى صديق لك
    واسمى بالمنتديات العربية
    جمعة دش
    منتديات مصراوى سات
    جمعة شفرات2
    منتديات ستارتايمز
    جمعة شفرات
    Need from your help about vPlug Server and Seca - Canal Digital NL
    Is it possible?
    See the log, please:

    Info: C00000260 [13:03:40.171] ECM request: 0100/00006A/07E9/5AC4D6BC for ShareID: 00000070 EUROSPORT
    Info: Server [13:03:40.171] Start ECM/EMM function by vPlug Module Nr.: 4, seca.mdl
    Info: Module [13:03:40.171] Requested Key for ProviderID 006A, key index: 0C, key: E2FEFBF988A63DD1
    Error: Module [13:03:40.171] seca: sigcheck failed
    Info: Server [13:03:40.171] ECM could not be decrypted by vPlug Module
    Info: C00000260 [13:03:40.187] Send data to CCcam client C00000260, data length: 4:
    00 FF 00 00
    Warn: C00000260 [13:03:40.187] ECM could not be decrypted by ShareID 00000070 (13) , ECM Nr.: 132
    Info: C00000260 [13:03:40.421] Data received from CCcam client C00000260, data length: 4:
    00 01 00 71
    مسا الخير ياسيد منصور
    ياريت تنضم معانا لمنتدى عربي على الاقل نقدر نتواصل اكتر
    اذا انت حابب تشترك بمنتدى نقاش الحب بيشرفنا وجودك
    I can't send you PM. It says "TheHighLander has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
    When you are using Yahoo to chat with you there?That would be easier.

    Thank you
    I'm sorry for my delay.
    Yeap. I'm using it with an old 9800GTX but recently i found i can use cuda for this purpose and today i buy one 560Ti GTX and i think tomorrow it will arrive.
    BTW i found how to export these details for cudabiss and I think you know what channel i'm talking about and i know it was stupid to start a thread for that channel and i ask one of super mods to delete it and thank Allah he did that.
    Is there any way to send me it's two or even one starting digit because i'm alone and need to do all the scan by myself.

    Thank you for your answer.
    يا ريت ايميلك يا باشا ي ريت نبقى اصدقاء واستفيد منك
    ده ايميلى يا ريت تضيفنى
    معاك باسم من المنصوره

    I am thinking about decryption of BISS keys
    Since it's very important to keep it secret I ask you about it in here

    BTW before starting things i need to know is everything right?

    I record the channel with "dvbdream" then with "MPEG-2 TS packet analyser" opened it and between them I was using three of them with continuity counter of 1,2 and 3 then put first line of them without space into line 3,4 and 5.
    in the 1 line putting 000000000000 and in the 2 line ffffff000000
    putting 6 and 7 line in to 1

    Please answer my question i don't ask any code i just want to enjoy it and i knew if it's getting public it would be change or they would change the system completely so please tell me what to do.
    افتح السكايب يا منص وضفني عندك الايميل علي السكايب هو نفس العضويه
    منصور ليش ما ترد فضي صندوق الرسائل
    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    أنا قريت ردك في موضوع قناة ديزني و توقف الشفرة بتاعتها ع الهوتبيرد و اليوروبيرد
    معندكش أي معلومة عنها؟ أو أي شفرة جديدة على أي قمر
    عشان بجد مش طايق العيشة من غيرها :p
    أنا جهازي
    Strong 4620X

    شكراً ليك بجد
    Hi,I did 8281 patch,but still unable to get connected to the internet.The reciever cannot find the IP automatically.I cannot put it in manualy ever.Any advice would be helpful,thank you.Tm 7100
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