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  • Hello! Unfortunately, I cannot write you a private message, so I am writing here. You posted the broadcasts of Moroccan football, but now they mainly give these broadcasts at 21.5E. I would like to know if you have the opportunity to broadcast on satellites 3.1E, 7E, 10E? Thank you)
    i delete my post and post it again!

    BUT in previous week, you deleted my posts, because of wrong cw and reply by pwer!!! but today you sort pwer posts! thanks a lot!

    Pwer started this Childish game at previous week and I did not complain.

    hi..i want to ask you about the program you are using for the feeds on the pc. is it better than dvb dream? can you send me a message and mane it. thank you...
    Hi Dear
    How are you?

    Seems you deleted my tandberg key
    they were new key and it post was not double post.
    Best REgards
    سلام خويا هاك واحد الفيد ديال ريگبي
    11156 V 14400 HD
    ID : F33/1/GR/....
    4:2:0 - HDTV - MPEG4
    #CW:32 45 56 CD 45 64 32 DB
    Hello brother
    That response, if you revise it, will find that I am concerned that there is an existing update on Lynn
    Hi Sahafe, double post is just about the key, but must be in different section, because there is regular channels not Arab News Feed. It must be in BISS section. So, it's up to you but section unknown feeds is totally wrong.
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