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  • @qprince, as soon as you login to paypal language should change to your default language. As to username I guess you already sorted that out. It has to be done by admins.
    I am considering donating to this site but the paypal is in German isn't there a redirect to the Canadian site whats a euro worth these days
    Zdravo Rock

    Kako da ispravno uradim upgrade sa E1 na E2 za DM7020?

    Hi \\Please help on this subject:
    thread: 148436
    hi rocknroll
    I made over 10 post, why I do not have permission to open the section dreambox gbox
    I have to do something else?
    @maumixio I'd be happy to if that forum was about some other subject, but as it is I am sorry but can't do it
    hi Rock, I would like to put SU banner in cardsxxxx forum (see post in xxx section) If you are agree pls post our address in friend forum. Rgds
    HI rock n roll last night i tryed to upload pli image that is already patch for 800 clone dm i tryed twice but it would not let me a small box came up about sercutiy isuss please contact amdmin thanks
    @ararat please use pm system to contact me. And you can contact any mod that closed the thread or any other I am sure they'll be glad to help you out in terms of opening the thread so you could reply or they can copy paste your reply.
    hi Rocknroll

    could you please open my thread 132999 for me - or place the following remark (cut & paste) yourself?

    Edit3: CHC-TREX-V9 is from march 2008 and still works with S*Y (except HD) channels on Nagra3 smartcards A02/S02 (including smartcard refresh). It´s not for N*D*S - like Alphacrypt - never maintained it were, but perhaps should have mentioned that, sorry.
    If it doesn´t work on your system you can easily return to predator.

    thx and greetings from ararat

    remark: I´m really fed up with this behaviour: this is the second post in the last two weeks - closed by Mod.

    125913 closed and taken over by juli13 (he still posts in there)
    132999 EMPB added a remark (warning) and then closed and I can´t answer, correct it
    pls can u inform YARGI not to mentioned key for canal+ , tv vlaanderen , and numeriCable coz it is not clear in humax receivers and other too , member will be confused , thanks
    This may be a daft question, but how to I edit my posts, I can't see a button anywhere on the page although it says in the summary at the bottom, "You May edit you posts".
    Hi Rocknroll can you allow me to see the thread in Gbox section please? I want to know and learn about for my knowledge. Thanks
    @william-1 please use pm for such things, I only check these messages like once in a week or two.
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