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  • Hi!

    I just wanted to let you know about some junk characters that sneaked into your E2 satellites.xml file:

    On line 4181 there's a superfluous ^ (caret) in the frequency:

    <transponder frequency="1268^1000" symbol_rate="6666000" polarization="1" fec_inner="5" system="0" modulation="1"/>

    And on line 2038 and 2039 there are beta characters in the symbol rate (which should be zeros I think):

    <transponder frequency="11157000" symbol_rate="35ßß000" polarization="0" fec_inner="3" system="0" modulation="1"/>
    <transponder frequency="11162000" symbol_rate="332ß000" polarization="0" fec_inner="2" system="1" modulation="2"/>

    These characters make the file unusable with For The Record (www 4therecord.eu) which parses the same format as Enigma 2 :)

    Perhaps you could fix these in subsequent releases?

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