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  • Tried cccam but would let me add 1 2 4 to 14 so gave up with that . I put my n line in newcamd and 1 2 3 ect no spaces and worked. Done so on 3 boxes for fam and all work. Ill have a go soon and contact u when have solution. Kev. Meantime with kodi put ares build on it and choose sky q. Works well. Secound down in list. Google it.
    hi used magcd like said with n line using all 1234 to 14 no spaces. saved on 256g tf mini card .says only takes up to 32 g but crap instructions. this saves a cccam.cfg file to tf card. im using fixed lan not wireless but good 30 foot away from router. reboot box. sos didnt get back till now . had death in fam . contact me again if still cant achieve.
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