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  • i try to flash my receiver aston métabox with MTG10! but now, it is bloked on start "ON"!!!
    i can't do anyting!
    how i must do?
    please, help me!
    was not a chat but a statement for light

    Club Prive(13°E)CCWs


    for me constant.cw ok

    CAID 0616 , PROV.ID 031B00 , SID 3792 , ECM 0835 , PMT 0BAE

    0616:031B00:3792:0BAE:0835::24 CD 4C 3D FC A5 9A 3B B9 E6 5E FD 4D 28 E4 59 ; Club Prive TV (13.0E) 18-12-2009 ok

    thank you brother

    In addition to the satellite channel which broadcasts also get asked if I may add ????

    TÜRKSAT 3A Frequencies;

    TRT 1.....: 11919 V 24444
    TRT 3.....: 11919 V 24444
    NTV.......: 11054 V 30000
    NTV SPOR..: 11054 V 30000
    TNT.......: 11804 V 24444
    Hi Lunatik2x;
    Can you add to b.i.s.s. key ITV Azerbaycan (ictimai tv) for metadream last upgrade ???
    Sat; Turksat 3A / 11554 H 2916
    Dear Lunatix2x,

    Are you posting anymore the metadream sw? The last one I can find is very old. Is it possible to send me the link for metadream(metabox 3)?

    Thank you very much in advance.
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