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  • 200h 00 72 5A B7 AA 71 F8 05
    Time for searching Crypt8 = 0 sec.
    Search CW Start
    RBT file: M:\RBT v1 B8hxFF\CSA_B8hxFFh_10000h.rbt
    Calc all 10000h end values for this crypt ... (using file cache)
    Search end values in RBT ...
    Searching CW in RBT ...
    Found 118498 possible chains (harddisk only search time = 1637 sec.)
    Analysing chains ... (will be 10 times slower if an other thread is keeping the GPU busy)
    found CW: 20 15 07 3C DF 06 06 EB
    Hi DAMMM, i saw you were visiting my thread... do you know something more about this XTV106 Android Box STB ? It's producted by XAVi technologies from Taiwan but it's sold by Arabic Television Network.
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