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    Originall Firmware C-Tech 4100 HD

    CTECH_HD4100_ALL_129 (Original Firmware)
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    Firmware Openbox Mını M4

    OPENBOX_MINI_M4_20141128 To update your receiver: 1 - Take a reset on the device; 2 - Remove the cables of the antennas and network 3 - Upgrade; 4 - After finishing replace all cables and configure.
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    New Patch For TM-MINI/MINI-HD

    New Patch For TM-MINI/MINI-HD
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    Firmware SKYBOX A3 A4 A5s M5

    SKYBOX A3 A4 M5
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    New Patch For TM-F3/5-HD

    New Patch For TM-F3/5-HD Phantompatch-TM_F3_5_106p_20-12-2013 New model with lots of extras 1-67 ip TV channel embedded 2-can add url 3-auto biss key 4-sat finder function 5-digital spectrum 6-3g modem setting 7-user manual on board 8-key setting 9-FTP 10-Rf Modulator Lots more
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    New Firmware for EDISION Apache IP Tools

    New Firmware for EDISION Apache IP Tools
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    New Firmware for EDISION Apache IP

    New Firmware for EDISION Apache IP
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    SmartDVB Channel Lister

    SmartDVB Channel Lister 1.0 SmartDVB Channel lister is a tool that allows you to create a fresh channel list (including favorites) based on datas (for now, some of other sat sites maybe added in next versions) in a short time.It will also fix your plugin problems in SmartDVB. To...
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    TopField Firmware

    TF6410IRc(26500)_ALMA_Ver1.02.43 [2013.10.30]
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    Firmware TM-3000D

    TM-3000D-Pink model
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    Firmware AZBOX Thunder

    Firmware AZBOX Thunder *Soft 30w - 03/2013
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    Transedit (for dvbviewer )

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    Latest Version of Notepad++

    Notepad++ v6.3.2 03-04-2013 new feature and fixed bug: 1.Fix a regression (performance issue). 2.Recognize wscript and Rakefile respectively as python and ruby file.
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    Visualization, Album Art/Cover and All-in-One skin

    Visualization, Album Art/Cover and All-in-One skin mode ... Follow the steps if you like the PotPlayer that appears in the picture below; Download the following three files before; BlackBox skins pack Visualizations pack Mp3tag program *Copy/extract the "default.dsf" from skin pack to...
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    Yumatu Full HD (ALI3602) firmware

    Yumatu Full HD (ALI3602) EMU firmware Proton menu *1.5.37 2013/03/16